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Aquifer, Well, and Pump Testing Services   [in detail]
Hydraulic Properties, Efficiency, Performance on New and Existing Wells
Hydraulic testing of wells can simultaneously provide information on the aquifer conditions, well intake efficiency, and pump characteristics.

Geological Logging Services   [in detail]
Lithology, mineralogy, porosity, cementation
Western Groundwater Services provides detailed geological analysis of borehole cuttings and field samples.

New Wells and Springs
Planning, design, bidding, logging, construction observation, testing and permitting of new wells and springs.

Testing and Rehabilitations
Diagnostic testing of deteriorating pumps, wells and springs. Treatment applications using mechanical and chemical methods for fouled intakes.

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems
Aquifer storage and recovery systems using wells or infiltration facilities for water supply and water rights augmentation.

Riverbank Filtration Demonstration Studies
Riverbank filtration studies to comply with filtration treatment requirements for wells recharged directly from surface water.

Water Rights
Full technical services from planning through permitting. Expert representation for contested cases. Broker services for water right sales and acquisitions.

Wellfield Capacity Analyses
Assessment of optimal and maximum pumping capacity for multiple pumping wells in the same aquifer.

Source Water Protection
Source water assessments and planning facilitation for ground- and surface-water supply systems.

Comprehensive analysis of water supply needs based on demand and supply deficit. Evaluation of supply alternatives including ground- and surface-waters, with consideration of treatment requirements and life cycle costs.

Regional and local geological evaluations for water supply projects. Review and application of historical data. Field mapping of structures and stratigraphy. Stereo and polarizing microscope evaluations of hand samples and borehole chips. GIS applications and cross section preparation.

Planning through construction services for the new construction of wells and springs, and the same for contractor work to rehabilitate existing supplies. Alluvial and bedrock wells. Cable tool, air, direct, and reverse drilling methods. Screened, filterpacked, and open hole completions.

Determination of well efficiency, short-term, and long-term capacity, and assessment of aquifer conditions and properties. Pumped or flowing artesian wells. Highly accurate pressure and flow metering equipment. Sand/solids production measuring equipment. Detailed technical analysis of data using well hydraulic models.

Beneficial use and change applications. Net stream depletion analysis. Expert representation. Broker services including water right listings, valuation and marketing.

Evaluation of funding eligibility and programs. Planning of complete grant and loan fund packages. Application preparation and technical support for water supply components in applications prepared by others.

Planning, collection and evaluation of water quality data for incrustation/corrosion potential, biofouling potential/existence, solids production, and regulatory compliance. Geochemical modeling of ion speciation and mineral equilibria for pore waters.

Planning, specification, observation and interpretation of geophysical logs for geology and construction evaluations of water wells. General logs, nuclear logs, electrical logs, flow meter logs, and video logs.