Flow meter transducers secure to the outside of the discharge pipe.
Flow computer provides LCD readout and data storage.

Looking south toward Utica and the Little Belt Mountains from the well site.
Well Hydraulic Testing
Central Montana Regional Water Authority

Planning, field and technical services were provided to test hydraulic capacity and water quality of a 3,700 ft Madison well. The well is owned by the Central Montana Regional Water Authority, who is constructing a water system over a 150 mile area in central Montana. A high quality aquifer test was critical to secure water rights and support the overall project.

Five remote monitoring points and the test well were instrumented for pressure readings. Discharge rate of the test well was measured using a clamp-on ultrasonic meter. Hydraulic analysis of the test data was provided to support the water right application and determine well capacity.

Testing inlcuded a 5-hour step rate test, followed by a 12-day constant rate test and recovery period.

Test data are shown fit to two hydrauic models, used to predict long-term sustained yield.